C Dub’s Top Fifteen Films of 2006 (So far…)

1) The Departed
2) The Fountain
3) The Proposition (Officially 2005)
4) Half Nelson
5) Little Children
6) Babel
7) The Queen
8) The Prestige
9) Who Killed the Electric Car?
10) United 93
11) Water (Officially 2005)
12) The Science of Sleep
13) Casino Royale
14) Thank You For Smoking
15) A Scanner Darkly

Pan’s Labyrinth
The Good Shepherd
The Good German
Children of Men
Blood Diamond
Factory Girl
The Painted Veil

Worst Film Thus Far: Tie for “Little Man” & “Let’s Go to Prison”
Freakiest Film of the Year: Hard Candy
Best, Get Your Ass Up and Help Save the Planet Film of the Year: An Inconvenient Truth
Best Slap Stick Horror Film of the Year (The Evil Dead Award): Slither
Scariest Motherfucker of the Year: The Descent (Officially 2005)
Hands Down Funniest Film of the Year, Possibly the Decade: Borat

The Best of the Best…Lists Bitches!!!

Okay, so I just applied to a film writing job that asked for a list of some of my favorite films/directors etc. Here is an extended list to marinate on. Of course a month from now these picks could change, however, I tried to pick films that I never grow tired of and that continue to blow me away.

Top Ten Films ever (no specific order)
1) Do The Right Thing-Spike Lee
2) Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her)- Pedro Almodóvar
3) The Deer Hunter- Michael Cimino
4) Short Cuts-Robert Altman
5) Tie Raging Bull/Taxi Driver-Martin Scorsese (both are brilliant pieces of cinema)
6) Mulholland Drive-David Lynch
7) For a Few Dollars More-Sergio Leone
8) Godfather Trilogy-Francis Ford Coppola
9) Stop Making Sense-Jonathan Demme
10) The Grand Illusion-Jean Renoir
10.5) Ran-Akira Kurosawa

Top Ten Favorite Directors (no specific order):
1) Martin Scorsese
2) Akira Kurosawa
3) David Lynch
4) Pedro Almodóvar
5) Jean Pierre Jeunet (yes even Alien Resurrection)
6) Quentin Tarantino
7) Wong Kar Wai
8) Stanley Kubrick
9) The Coen Brothers
10) Terrence Malick

Top Ten Films of 1950s
1) Rashomon-Kurosawa
2) Rear Window-Alfred Hitchcock
3) Bridge on the River Kwai-David Lean
4) The 400 Blows-Francois Truffaut
5) The Killing-Kubrick

Top Five Films of 1960s
1) The Wild Bunch-Sam Peckinpah
2) Persona-Ingmar Bergman
3) Midnight Cowboy-John Schlesinger
4) The Hustler-Robert Rossen
5) The Man Without a Name Trilogy-Sergio Leone

Top Five films 1970s
1) Taxi Driver-Scorsese
2) The Deer Hunter-Cimino
3) Dog Day Afternoon-Sidney Lumet
4) Godfather 1&2-Coppola
5) Amarcord-Federico Fellini

Top Five Films 1980s
1) Raging Bull
2) Do the Right Thing
3) Fanny and Alexander-Ingmar Bergman
4) The Princess Bride-Rob Reiner (because I never grow tired of it)
5) Suspiria-Dario Argento (definitely one of the scariest movies ever)

Top Five Films of 1990s
1) Pulp Fiction-Tarantino
1.5) Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All about my mother)-Pedro Almodóvar
2) The Thin Red Line-Terrence Malick
3) The Insider-Michael Mann
4) Fargo-Coen Brothers
5) The City of Lost Children- Marc Caro/Jean Pierre Jeunet

and then…

TOP Five Manliest Films of All Time!
1) Mad Max: The Road Warrior-George Miller
2) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-Sergio Leone
3) Enter the Dragon-Robert Clouse
4) Evil Dead 2:Dead By Dawn-Sam Raimi
5) Aliens-James Cameron
5.5) Dawn of the Dead-George Romero
Honorable Mentions:
Rambo 3-The one where Rambo single handedly takes on the entire Middle East
Anything with the actors Dolph Lundgren, Lance Henricksen, and that little dude who played Willow.