So it’s been a hella long time since my last post. What’s the point of having a blog if you’re not gonna write in it?? What can I say. The restaurant gig pretty much owned my life these last 7 months or so. But that’s no more. So here’s a quick update on the life of C.W. SILLS. After about 6 month of 70 hour work weeks at the restaurant and the magazine I finally quit waiting tables. Not the worst decision of my life. Sure the money was unbelievable but A) I had no life outside of the job save the occasional movie/dinner or beer at Nevins after work. B) my writing was officially non-existent, and C) My boss and I did not exactly agree on certain things. I threw down my apron and walked. Liberating. C’est la Vie. I did it for a while, banked some benjamins, met some cool people, and learned a lot about myself. Now comes the really exciting part of this bizarre post college year. While I am still looking for the next job (i have some good leads and may have set up a nice little job working for Ruth Ratny, a Chicago film industry icon and owner of the webzine Word.) I have decided to take this summer to see some of the world.

Europe Romp 07
Today I leave for Dublin to begin a two month stint overseas. The first month will be spent exploring Eastern Europe and part of the second month I’ll be returning to Spain to teach English at a language summer camp outside of Granada in the Sierra Nevadas. Booyakasha! My backpack is packed, I invested in a new wicked digital camera, I’ve got my trusty Let’s Go Europe book on hand, and most importantly I have my journal. Here is the itinerary for those who are curious:

Fly into Dublin, Ireland-3 nights in Dublin
Fly to Munich, Germany-3 nights in Munich
Fly to Berlin, 2 nights in Berlin, Day trip to Kassell for monumental international art festival
Train to Warsaw, Poland-2 nights in Warsaw
Train to Krakow, Poland-3 nights in Krakow
Fly to Budapest, Hungary-2 nights in Budapest
Train/Bus to Zagreb, Croatia-3 nights in Zagreb, day trip to Ljubliana, the capital of Slovenia
Bus to Zadar, Croatia start of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast-2 nights in Zadar ¬°que precioso!
Bus to Dubrovnik, Croatia-3 nights in Dubrovnik, possible day trip to islands off coast
Bus to Mostar, Bosnia followed by bus to Sarajevo, Bosnia-3 nights in Sarajevo
Flight to Istanbul, Turkey-4 nights in Istanbul, daytrips outside of city
Flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands-2 nights Amsterdam, probably gonna be crazy!
Flight to Santiago de Compostelo, Spain- couple nights in Galicia then I make my way to Granada to teach.

August 5th fly from Dublin to Chicago.

I will have access to my email at most hostels and I will hopefully be able to update the blog with stories from my adventures.

So check back!