A W of Suburbia Fan in Turkey!

So when I originally set up this blog, going back to my Eastern Europe romp in the summer of 07, I figured it would be a place to share my experiences with family and friends, maybe test my hands at light Travel Writing. I have always enjoyed writing the entries and find that the logs as a whole create quite the narrative. I also tend to write a lot more on a computer than in my actual print journal I keep. 

The other day I was friended on Facebook by a Yesim Budak, of Istanbul. Turns out she had stumbled upon my blog (through Google she later told me) and had taken a similar trip through Croatia. Anyway, if you believe what Thomas Friedman says, you will agree that this is truly a flat world. A Turk stumbled upon my humble little blog and enjoyed it enough to seek out its author (her friend request said, “Warner Sills, of Warner of Suburbia???”). So Yesim, if you’re reading, thanks for the read and keep on traveling. Your photos from Lokrum and Dubrovnik bring back fond memories of a truly beautiful part of the world. 

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