Day 19 & 20: Zagreb, Croatia

This was our first stop in Croatia, which is the country that we will be seeing the most of. Our train from Budapest to Zagreb was nice. Southern Hungary is very flat similar to American farm land. The trip was quite beautiful however and we got to pass Lake Balaton, which is a large body of water which serves as a place for Hungarians to vacation.

Zagreb is a cool industrial capital with a layout very similar to Warsaw in the sense that there is an old traditional side of town divided by a river with the more modern part on the northern half. THe old town is very charming. We stayed in an HI hostel, which are the HOstelling International hostels all around Europe. Generally these places are massive with hundreds of rooms, nasty bathrooms (the one in milan has prison style showers) and no sense of community unlike our experiences in other smaller hostels on this trip. Still, we had a three bed room all to ourselves which was pretty nice save the fact that the more south we go the hotter it gets.

Our first day was spent walking around the old part of town. We climbed the hill that overlooks the city and has a beautiful old church, St. Marks, and a couple cool museums including one on the history of the city of Zagreb from before the Austro Hungarian empire up until the Balkan war of the early 90s.

The best part of the city was definitely just walking around exploring all the little back streets and alleys that make up the old town. We discovered a cool vegetable and fruit market and climbed a large old tower that had a great view of the city and its outskirts. During the night I thought it would be interesting to hike outside the old part (which also meant leaving the area the book recommended. Since we were so impressed by the Danube river in Budapest and even Warsawćs city river I lead us towards Zagreb*s river. After a good 4 mile walk that included walking along a highway we discovered the river was more of a canal and had nothing even remotely nice about it. Still it was a fun walk, we grabbed some cheap Croatian beer.

The next day we took a day trip Ljublana, Slovenia, which warrants its own entry since the city was absolutely stunning.

In other news, the facial hair seems to have stopped growing and i am now left with some odd patterns and patches. Both Paul and Sam have gotten sick from either the water or the food while I remain healthy. Tap water is perfectly fine and is free. Most european cities have fountains scattered around that have ice cold water running all day.

I have to run now since my internet is almost up.

Until next time,

Keep on keeping on.


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