Ok Ok. So it’s been a while since my last post, which I am not terribly happy about. I started this blog with the intention of trying to write something every day or at the least, once a week. Life catches up to you I guess, especially when you finally find a job and all of a sudden lose all the luxuries and free time of an unemployed college grad. To keep you updated on the current happenings of Warner Sills, I took a nice little job at a French bistro/restaurant/cafe/whatever you want to call it in Hubbard Woods, IL (which, believe me, is as waspy as it sounds). So far the restaurant is a pretty chill environment. I’m making mad money, I get to say shit like “here’s your croque monsieur pannini sir” roughly translated to “here, eat your warm cheese sandwich dude” and I get to serve bottles of wine that cost as much one of my past pay checks at good old Bloomington Sears. The restaurant is run by a delightful woman from the Netherlands and a funny bald Iranian man. The other servers are nice although I’m starting to get the feeling that fellow server/restaurant workhorse Joanna from Romania sees me as a threat. Let’s just say I know that when someone hisses at me their intentions aren’t cordial. To top it off I figured out a way to avoid paying pesky taxes on all the tips, which works out just fine. Score! So the restaurant has been filling most of my nights, which is fine by me since it has filled the void of my unemployed nights of coming home after doing nothing and doing, well, nothing till I fall asleep at some ridiculously early hour.

I have also taken two magazine internships, which fill some of my days during the week. One is for Chicago Scene Magazine, which originally was pitched to me as an “entertainment guide” for the windy city but has started to appear more and more like a fashion magazine. That’s ok though since I am getting good copy editing experience and most of the work is done at home via the magic of email. The other internship is for, wait for it, a nationally recognized pet magazine called, Tails Inc (its affiliates being, Chicago Tails, Indy Tails, Michigan Tails, St. Louis Tails, Ohio Valley Tails, Sonoran Tails (Phoenix), Philly Tails, Jersey Tails and my personal favorite, Capital Tails (District Pets). The magazine’s headquarters is on the North side of Chicago (very convenient) and so far the experience of being a part of the Tails Team has been amusing to say the least. Actually the magazine is very professional while also being relaxed (my kind of place) and I’ve been getting a lot of publishing experience. So far I’ve done my share of internet research of all things pet related, I get to review pet products and pet books and I get to report the news about pets (for example, did you know that the state of California is encouraging employees in the private and public sectors to bring pet worms to work to help turn lunch food scraps into nutrient rich mulch which can then be used for gardening and/or recreational potting?). The magazine’s cover rivals that of Highlights Children’s Magazine but the inside content is actually pretty interesting and worthwhile. I also learned from this internship that people will do just about anything for their pets including ordering “Barktoria Secret Lingerie and Pajamas for Dogs” or how ’bout “Meowlot Kitty Wine” (really a fancy bottle of tuna gravy for spicing up some kibbles). The vast array or useless pet products out there never ceases to intrigue me I must say.

Basically if you had asked me three months ago what I would be doing around this time I would’ve told you working a 9-5 job or writing the great American novel or maybe even selling opium in Uzbekistan but never would I have said, “working for a prestigious pet magazine.” However, since the experiences thus far have been positive at all my endeavors I am not complaining and it just goes to show you that life throws a lot of curve balls at you.

Oh and I also have an open application in for the Peace Corps. I’m thinking of doing a two-year stint in South America before I truly figure out my life. Either that or somewhere in mysterious Central Asia.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Of course I’ve been seeing my share of movies, wasting more of my hard earned money on DVDs and concerts and I still frequent job sites looking for that perfect posting. Keep checking the blog, as I will hopefully continue with my rants and reviews. The fact is there is so much to write about but not enough time. There’s the story of the 20th row Rolling Stones concert that fell in my lap rather cheaply I might add or the night I ran down 60 flights of stairs at a high rise apartment building while on a rather nasty Jim Beam bender. Those will come later though.

Till then, Keep On Keeping On.

“I spoke to a man
down at the tracks.
I asked him
how he don’t go mad.
He said “Look here junior, don’t you be so happy.
And for Heaven’s sake, don’t you be so sad.”” –“Marquee Moon” by Television


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