So I’m officially in that “transition” period between college and reality (in other words I’m without a job, living at home and spending my afternoons at the Wilmette Public Library utilizing their free wireless since my parents still fully support America Online and 56K modem technology). What better way to pass the time/days/hopefully not months than by starting a blog. Many of you may know me. I’m tall, lack prominent facial hair, live for the world of cinema, I enjoy an eclectic array of music, I am intrigued by words like “eclectic,” “wicked,” and “calico,” and I inhale anything and everything that HBO decides to put on DVD. I suppose this blog will be a way to see what I’m up to and for me to continue to write as the byline, “C. Warner Sills” will no longer be found on the pages of my newspaper/vehicle for me to voice my opinion alma matar, The Indiana Daily Student. Fully expect reviews of what i’m watching, reading, listening to or pondering. If you want to hire me I will work for pretty much anything that can be used as currency (and yes sushi can be used as currency) or a nice steady pay check.

Oh and I’ll end every post with some kind of wicked quote for y’all to marinade on. Here goes the premiere. Reply if you can guess where this is from…

“Don’t let me hear you say life’s
taking you nowhere, angel
Come get up my baby
Run for the shadows, run for the shadows
Run for the shadows in these golden years”


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